Web form analysis.

I'll review your forms personally, uncovering conversion-busting issues, and highlighting any missed opportunities.

What are you offering?

It's difficult to make something better when you're unsure what's wrong with it. I can provide a detailed analysis of your web forms, helping you understand both its strengths and its weaknesses.

Each issue I find will have a clear explanation of why it's problematic, and how to overcome it. Recommendations are ordered by severity, helping you to prioritise your efforts, and focus your attention on the most pressing, high-value items.

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Who can book a report?

If you have an existing web form or form-based process, and you'd like to better understand how to improve it, you're an an ideal candidate.

If you're still unsure what that means in terms of your own forms, examples of perfectly-placed processes include:

  • Application forms
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Bespoke calculators
  • Booking forms
  • Call centre forms
  • Checkout forms
  • Customisations
  • Eligibility checkers
  • Enquiries & planners
  • Examinations
  • Quote engines
  • Recommendation engines
  • Registration forms
  • Surveys & feedback
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How does it work?

Before I review anything, we'll have a 60-minute 1-1 remote consultation, providing an opportunity for me to better understand the form, what you're hoping to achieve, and answer any questions.

After the initial meeting, I'll spend the next 2-3 weeks reviewing your web forms and collating my findings. The report will include a detailed analysis of each step, highlighting the good, the bad, and the things you should be doing.

The report will be sent as a PDF, alongside a pre-recorded video walk-through of my findings. Once you've had a chance to digest the feedback, you'll have the option of an additional 60-minute 1-1 consultation to discuss my recommendations.

The cost of a report starts from £2,995, which covers a full review of the issues and opportunities of a form or process, at a single, chosen viewport size.

If you'd like the report to analyse more than one size (e.g. 375 x 667 and 1920 x 1080), each additional resolution costs £1,000.

What will you get out of it?

More important than just a fresh perspective or experienced insight, you'll receive a clear vision of how to upgrade your web forms for a fixed price.

Once you have your list of recommendations, you can either work with me to make improvements to your forms, take the process in-house, or pass them on to a third party.

What the report covers

  • General best-practice recommendations.
  • Managing the expectations of your users.
  • Usability missteps and design pattern suitability.
  • Accessibility issues and opportunities.
  • The appropriate sequencing of user-facing content.
  • Making forms and tasks feel less intimidating.
  • Implementation issues in your form markup.
  • The length and complexity of your forms.
  • Avoiding user errors before they've happened.
  • Helping users recover from errors that do occur.
  • The clarity and conciseness of messaging.
  • The best-suited input method for each question.
  • Employing the best-suited user flow.
  • Ensuring consistency throughout the interface.

How can I pay for the report?

Once the work has been scheduled, I'll raise an invoice, and accept bank transfers for any payment. I ask for 50% up-front, with the remaining balance to be paid before the report is delivered. If you'd prefer to pay in full up-front, that's fine too.

How long does the process take?

In most cases, I'll be purely reviewing what's already publicly available, so won't need to wait for access to data, users, or accounts. After we've had the initial 1-1 consultation, the report should be ready in no more than three weeks.