What I can do for you.

If you’re using your website to ask for input from your users, or you’d like to start, I can make sure you do it well.

Things I can help with

If you’re using your website to ask for information from your users, or you’d like to, I can help you create simple, powerful web forms.

Design web forms

It’s easy to build web forms, but much more difficult to do it well. I’ll ensure you’re asking the right questions in the right way, and that your users are armed with everything they need to hand over their personal information with confidence.

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Uncover issues in your forms

From improper handling of a slow look-up, through to the misleading wording of a question; each unresolved issue will directly impact your chances of success. I can audit your web forms, identifying problems, and work with you to solve them.

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An illustration of Chris being lowered from a rope into a form-related problem.
  • 192%

    increase of digital tax claim submissions in MyRIFT.

  • 75%

    increase in Admiral's online motor insurance conversions.

  • 52%

    fewer taps to see a price for Holiday Extras travel insurance.

  • 99%

    accuracy of MyRIFT vehicle look-ups; up from ~70% previously.

Projects I'm a good fit for

Web forms power all kinds of online tools and features, from humble single-pagers, to complex multi-step processes.

Call centre forms

An illustration of someone in a call centre, struggling because their software isn't meeting their needs.

How often do your staff have to apologise to customers for the speed or inability of the software they're using?

Empower your team to easily capture user information while they talk, with a system that supports them rather than hindering them.

Quote engines

An illustration of somebody meditating, channeling prices like a human quote engine.

In a digital World of instant quotes and powerful aggregators, people expect to be able to see a price in minutes.

Guide your user’s through the process of capturing the relevant details needed to produce them a real-time, custom price.

Application forms

Empower users to build and submit online applications from your website.

Appointment scheduling

Let your users find a date and time that suits them without leaving your site.

Bespoke calculators

Turn the user’s input information into an estimate, suggestion, or value.

Booking forms

Lead your customers through the process of making an online booking.

Checkout forms

Guide your customers through the purchase process with absolute confidence.


Allow users to personalise their own version of your product before purchasing.

Eligibility checkers

Help your users determine whether a product or service is relevant for them.

Enquiries & planners

Gather information about the user’s needs in a consistent, orderly manor.


Whether for education or just for fun, put your users’ knowledge to the test.

Recommendation engines

Use the details provided to make instant, personalised recommendations to the user.

Registration forms

Allow people to create an account by signing up for your product or service.

Surveys & feedback

Give your users a platform to let you know how well you met their needs.